Which laptop to buy cheap laptops in kenya

You must buy a notebook and would like some advice about this? No problem, I’m here just for this. Take five minutes of free time and I promise you that we will together find the right computer for you.

I would say to start doing a bit ‘of clarity about the meaning of terms such as netbook, notebook and ultrabook that are used to promote laptops.

  • Netbooks – low-cost computers are mainly for Internet browsing. They have a bigger screen size ranging from 7 to 12.1 inches and quite scarce hardware equipment. Now if they are not nearly as commercially supplanted as the main functions from the highest performing tablet.
  • Notebook or laptop – are the traditional laptops.
  • Ultrabook – are very thin and light computers characterized by the use of low-voltage processors, SSD instead of or in combination with mechanical hard drives and slots for SD cards in place of the DVD drive. They have great autonomy and in performance do not have much to envy to the mid-range notebooks. The more advanced models are also equipped with touch-screen.

As for the size of the laptop, everything depends on what you intend to do on your computer. In principle 13 “are fine to perform common tasks and ensure the highest level of portability, 15” may be more comfortable when working with graphics and video without sacrificing the portability of the computer and 17 “are to be considered only if you want to use your laptop to me ‘of desktop PCs to watch us film and play (it is almost impossible to carry around this size computer).

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